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Water Quality and Safety

Walden’s Ridge Utility District (WRUD) water comes from the Hixson Utility District, which is groundwater with very low chlorine levels and is completely safe to drink. Reports point out that the spring-fed water from Hixson Utility District is among the cleanest water in the state and requires little treatment. Read the full report here

Tennessee American Water Company (TAWC) water is characterized as surface water with extremely high chlorine and TTHM levels. Water containing high levels of TTHM poses potentially serious health risks that are still being researched. Note the difference in the TTHM levels. TAWC has eight times more TTHM than the Hixson Utility District. Read the full report here.

  • The TAWC’s holding company, American Water Works, LLC has been embattled with multiple lawsuits over water quality and rate increases.
  • As a result, millions of dollars in fines have been passed on to ratepayers.
  • Note: Freedom Industries Spill, Elk River, Charleston, W. VA.


Legal Battles

From contamination to discrimination, American Water, owner of Tennessee American Water Company, is facing legal battles across the country.


Abuse of Power


Overcharging Residents
Water Safety – Raw Sewage

New York

Raising Rates
Raising Rates 2


Service Issue

West Virginia

Contamination 2
Contamination 3
Age and Disability Discrimination

Money Matters

The Town of Signal Mountain is losing tremendous amounts of money by selling its own water. The water system is 70 years old and requires at least $1 million in repairs of leaky pipes, other infrastructure needs, and general maintenance.

In slightly more than one year, Tennessee American Water Company charged the Town of Signal Mountain more than 11 percent in additional fees. Here’s what you should know about your money:

  • TAWC revenue goes from Signal Mountain to New Jersey and is also used to settle lawsuits across the country.
  • TAWC consistently raises rates and has no empathy towards those on lower or fixed incomes.
  • Historically, with TAWC the customer has no control over extra charges in capital, fuel and hydrant fees (see the graph below).
  • American Water Works, LLC, has stated publicly that they are indebted to their stockholders and driving high-profit margins.
  • TAWC is able to accomplish this by purchasing additional water companies, many in smaller communities, raising rates and charging capital recovery fees.

See how TAWC costs stack up in smaller communities:

Note: See the capital fees charged to the Whitwell community. These are extra charges on your water bill. There’s no way to predict what the extra charges would be if TAWC buys the Signal Mountain water department.


Choose Local

Walden’s Ridge Utility District earnings from the sale will go back into the community, which could help education and other areas of Signal Mountain. Here’s what you should know about WRUD:

  • WRUD is a nonprofit public body and does not have to answer to shareholders, financial analysts or the New York Stock Exchange.
  • The WRUD Board of Directors is all Signal Mountain residents – making them completely available and accountable.
  • WRUD will increase the size of its Board of Directors, giving the Town of Signal Mountain a seat at the discussion table.
  • WRUD already serves 800 customers in the Town of Signal Mountain.
  • All of WRUD’s funds stay local, and all revenues will be reinvested into the Signal Mountain Water system.


Customer Service

Customer service calls to Tennessee American Water Company go to multiple out-of-state call centers that are difficult to electronically navigate. Calls to TAWC customer service result in hold times of at least ten minutes.

Walden’s Ridge Utility District has a customer service office on Signal Mountain that is easily accessible by phone or in person. During normal business hours, WRUD always has a live voice on the line and when closed they have a 24/7 emergency quick response service. WRUD’s customer service has an excellent reputation.